What is Lakeshore like?
Lakeshore strives to be an authentic family of people journeying together in community and in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our worship is contemporary in style and the messages are relevant for today’s culture. For more information check out our Weekends, About Us & Visiting pages.

How do I get involved?
The most important way that you can get involved is by joining a Small Group. There are also lots of opportunities to Volunteer at Lakeshore. Check out our Get Involved! pages.

How do I get more information?
Check out our Website and Contact Us.

What does Lakeshore offer for children and youth?
Our Family Ministries includes Kids Cove & Chaos on Sunday mornings, mid-week youth nights with Chaos and Strive and College & Careers on Sunday evenings.

Who is Lakeshore affiliated with?
Lakeshore St. Andrew’s is member congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Canada. Lakeshore is also a member of the Willow Creek Association.