Growth Groups

Growth groups are designed to assist individuals to grow in their faith by studying God’s Word and sharing what they have learned with others in their small group.   A variety of growth groups start up each fall and winter. 

Let us help you to get connected!

New to the small group concept and not sure where to start?  A living room environment is the place for you!  New “larger” small groups designed especially for “newbies” run on a regular basis.  They provide an easy way to ease into community and the whole small group experience.   Contact Pastor Glenn Hart 519-979-8082 ext.214.

Whether you’ve been sitting in the living room or just taking a break, it’s time to move into the kitchen.  There’s an empty chair at the table for you!

Below is a listing of open small groups, current as of October 15, 2013.  Some of these groups will be using The Christmas Experience as they take part in the church-wide sermon series/study beginning the week of November 3.  For more information, contact Pastor Glenn Hart 519-979-8082 x 214.

Group                         Type                           Leader                               Time               Place

Monday                       Women                   Michelle Wood                        9:30 am           LSA Church
Monday                       Women                   Lorraine Newell                      7:00 pm           LSA Church
Monday                       Women                   Elaine Adams                          7:00 pm           Belle River
Monday                       Men                         Dave Hill                                   7:00 pm          LSA Church
Monday                       Mixed                      Bob Linton                               7:00 pm          St. Clair Beach
Monday                       Mixed                      Glenn Hart                               7:00 pm          LSA Church
Tuesday                       Women                   Betty McRae                            9:30 am           LSA Church
Tuesday                       Women                   Joyce Lembke                          7:00 pm          LSA Church
Tuesday                       Women                   Sylvia Verhulst                        7:00 pm          S Windsor (2x per month)
Wednesday                 Mixed                      Kelly Bowen                             7:00 pm          S Windsor
Wednesday                 Mixed                      Dave & Elaine Howarth         7:00 pm          S Windsor
Wednesday                 Women                   Monique Hyatt                        9:30 am           LSA Church
Wednesday                 Men                         Jim Kennedy                            7:00 am           LSA Church
Wednesday                 Women                   Judy Veighey                           9:30 am           LSA Church
Thursday                     Women                   Deb Toth                                  7:00 pm           LSA Church
Thursday                     Women                   Judy Wilson                          10:00 am           Belle River
Saturday                      Men                         Al DeSimon                             9:00 am           LSA Church
Sunday                        Mixed                       Brittany Hayward                  5:30 pm           Tecumseh
Sunday                        Mixed                       Wayne & Audrey Bauman   7:00 pm           Windsor