What and Why

What Does It Mean to Be a Church of Small Groups?

Lakeshore St. Andrew’s is a church of Small Groups, a meta-church, which is a church that is changing the way it accomplishes the expansion of the kingdom. A meta-church is organized around small groups. This means every ministry is developed and implemented through small groups.

All large group events are intended to connect people to and build small groups so that we can live out our vision of being a caring community. All ministries are part of the whole body connected through the small group structure.

In this way, small groups become a normal way of life, where we shift from religious activity to discipling relationships. Small groups are recognized as essential for personal growth towards maturity.

Why Small Groups at All?

Small groups are the biblical way to Disciple believers; Reach the lost; Develop leaders;

Grow the church; and, Provide and care for each other. We believe that Small groups are the best method for life change, and that we are made for community.

What Defines a Small Group?

It is a safe and healthy environment for the purpose of experiencing community and spiritual growth.  It consists of 3-12 people who meet on a regular basis to develop relationships and to offer support and encouragement.  Small groups can help you on your spiritual journey by:

•           Providing activities,
•           Working together to serve others,
•           Discussing current topics, and
•           Studying God’s Word.

How do we move people forward into spiritual maturity?

Small groups are for people of all ages, stages of life, and spiritual maturity.  Most small groups are formed as people meet and connect in a larger group setting. Our Sunday morning service gathering is like the front door of a home – a place where people gather to connect. As they move into the Living Room (a smaller gathering of 30-50 people for study) they meet with people in smaller group for a set period of time. After being in a Living Room environment, we encourage relationships that have been developed to move forward as a small group. We have each small group be supported and guided by a “coach” who walks with them throughout their journey into spiritual maturity.

Purpose of Small Groups

To be a caring community by…  “connecting people to one another and to Jesus Christ.”