The goal of volunteer Ministry at LSA is to have each person fulfill the role they are born to live out within the Church body as a personal response to the gospel.  Together we create an atmosphere that compliments the mission, vision, and rally cry of LSA with heart.

Do you hear people say “I feel called to do this or that?”  That means there is a primary channel by which the Holy Spirit ministers through the believer.  By taking this Spiritual Gift Analysis, you will find easier your place on God’s team at LSA.

Volunteering at LSA is about giving to God; our hope is to help you see where God wants you to serve in ministry, in church, and daily life.

Once you complete the Spiritual Gift Analysis, please forward it to Deb Toth so she can meet with you so together you can look over it to gain a deeper understanding and use of your gifts.

Spiritual Gift Analysis

Want to know more?

Contact Deb Toth to assist you in fulfilling your role.
519-979-8082 x 222