2013 Messages/Bulletins

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The Christmas Experience

December 22, 2013A Different Kind of ChristmasBrad WatsonDec. 22, 2013Bulletin
December 15, 2013A Time for SalvationGarth LenoDec. 15, 2013Bulletin
December 8, 2013Experiencing God's LoveGarth LenoDec. 8, 2013Bulletin
December 1, 2013Experiencing God's JoyBrad WatsonDec. 1, 2013Bulletin
November 24, 2013Experiencing God's Plan & PurposeAndrew BryantNov.24, 2013Bulletin
November 17, 2013Experiencing God's PeaceBrad WatsonNov. 17, 2013Bulletin
November 10, 2013Experiencing God's FavourAndrew BryantNov. 10, 2013Bulletin
November 3, 2013Faithful OneBrad WatsonNov. 3, 2013Bulletin

Upside Down Kingdom

DateTitleWatch Notes Read
October 27, 2013Ask, Seek, KnockAndrew BryantOct. 27, 2013Bulletin
October 20, 2013Do Not JudgeAndrew BryantOct. 20, 2013Bulletin
October 13, 2013Thanksgiving ChairBrad WatsonOct. 13, 2013Bulletin
October 6, 2013No WorriesBrad WatsonOct. 6, 2013Bulletin
September 29, 2013Give, Pray, FastAndrew BryantSept. 29, 2013Bulletin
September 22, 2013No Lust - No AdulteryBrad WatsonSept. 22, 2013Bulletin
September 15, 2013Angry? Nobody Has To Die!Andrew Bryant Sept 15, 2013Bulletin

Trouble With The Curve

September 8, 2013Trouble With The CurveBrad WatsonSept 8, 2013Bulletin

Summer on the Mount

September 1, 2013The Kingdom of GodAndrew BryantSept. 1, 2013Bulletin
August 25, 2013How to be PersecutedBrad WatsonAugust 25, 2013Bulletin
August 18, 2013World PeaceVideo not available - audio CD's can be ordered at the Info DeskAugust 18, 2013Bulletin
August 11, 2013Blessed are the Pure in HeartAndrew BryantAugust 11, 2013Bulletin
August 4, 2013Blessed are the MercifulAndrew BryantAugust 4, 2013Bulletin
July 28, 2013Hunger & Thirst After RighteousnessAndrew BryantJuly 28, 2013Bulletin
July 21, 2013Blessed are the MeekAndrew BryantJuly 21, 2103Bulletin
July 14, 2013ComfortedBrad WatsonJuly 14, 2013Bulletin
July 7, 2013The Affluent PoorBrad WatsonJuly 7, 2013Bulletin
June 30, 2013Blown Up ReligionBrad WatsonJune 30, 2013Bulletin


June 23, 2013Volunteer AppreciationHarvey CareyNone availableBulletin
June 16, 2013How Much Time Do You Have?Andrew BryantJune 16, 2013Bulletin
June 9, 2013What am I going to do about it?Brad WatsonJune 9, 2013Bulletin
June 2, 2013The Lord's SupperAndrew BryantJune 2, 2013Bulletin

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

May 26, 2013Go the Next Step to Develop a "Rule of Life"Andrew BryantMay 26, 2013Bulletin
May 19, 2013Grow into an Emotionally Mature AdultBrad WatsonMay 19, 2013Bulletin
May 12, 2013Discover the Rhythms of the Daily Office and SabbathWendy ReaumeMay 12, 2013Bulletin
May 5, 2013Enlarge Your Soul Through Grief and LossAndrew BryantMay 5, 2013Bulletin
April 28, 2013Journey Through The WallAnn Voskampnone availableBulletin
April 21, 2013Going Back in Order to Go ForwardBrad WatsonApr. 21, 2013Bulletin
April 14, 2013Know Yourself That You May Know GodAndrew BryantApr. 14, 2013Bulletin
April 7, 2013Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality?Brad WatsonApr. 7, 2013Bulletin

The Road Less Travelled

March 31, 2013This is NOT the EndBrad WatsonNot AvailableBulletin
March 24, 2013The Road Less TravelledAndrew ByrantMar. 24, 2013Bulletin
March 17, 2013The Road Less TravelledAndrew BryantMar. 17, 2013Bulletin
March 10, 2013The Road of Redefined GoodnessBrad WatsonMar. 10, 2013Bulletin
March 3, 2013The Narrow RoadBrad WatsonMar. 3, 2013Bulletin

Connect the Dots

February 24, 2013Define the PathwayAndrew BryantFeb. 24, 2013Bulletin
February 17, 2013Reach the Next Gennot availableFeb. 17, 2013Bulletin
February 10, 2013Develop LeadersBrad WatsonFeb. 10, 2013Bulletin
February 3, 2013What Can I Do?Brad WatsonFeb. 3, 2013Bulletin

Soul Detox

January 27, 2013Resolved SoulNot AvailableJan. 27, 2013Bulletin
January 20, 2013Heavy SoulAndrew BryantJan. 20, 2013Bulletin
January 13, 2013Tortured SoulBrad WatsonJan. 13, 2013Bulletin
January 6, 2013Restless SoulAndrew BryantJan. 6, 2013Bulletin